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From Grape to Glass, How Pisco is Produced

An older Cousin to Cognac, Grappa and Sherry, Pisco in its truest form is Aqua Ardens, the Latin origin of Water of Life, the first distilled spirit in Western Civilization. Preserved in its original state for many centuries, Pisco from Perú is made by harvesting the choicest grapes of Old Vines, fermenting that grape juice into wine, distilling the young wine just once, and then bottling the spirit without any interference from added water, wooden barrels or sugars. Just like the world’s first alembic-distilled spirit over 1,000 years ago in Babylon. 100% Grapes, Campo de Encanto Pisco is indeed clear like Vodka, with the noble complexity of Bordeaux and Single Malt Scotch, and the refreshing celebration of Champagne. Long before punches and cocktails came to South America, un jarra de Pisco sat atop tables, accompanying every meal, starting a las Once, at 11AM according to the Spanish tradition.

What does it taste like? Our Grand & Noble is bright with citrus and peppermint, with underlying notes of choctolate, white pepper and honeysuckle.

Today, Encanto is perfect for cocktail mixing, shaking and stirring, as every batch is field-tested by Mixologists, approved by Sommeliers before release. The history of Pisco is almost infinite, yet the culture of Campo de Encanto Pisco is rooted in the everyday celebrations of our lives; with You, we share the great stories of Pisco, of family and friendships, enjoying great drink from Campo de Encanto, the Field of Enchantment.

Your Field of Enchantment

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